a bit about myself

I’m Daniel Tran, art director and designer currently working in the Bay Area.

Having graduated from a prestigious art school, i was always certain about my future as a creative industry professional.

Daniel Tran was first introduced to the fine art of handiwork and design at the tender age of 11 from his Vietnamese immigrant mother who worked as a seamstress. It was from these humble, but creatively entrepreneurial beginnings that he would develop a love for the world of visual design. Through his MFA program at the Academy of Art of San Francisco, Daniel has mastered typography as well as created a compelling portfolio that showcases a wide range of projects. From brand development to book publishing, his work has appeared on ad campaigns, fashion lookbooks, industry websites, and the runway for prominent clients. When he is not designing, Daniel can be found sipping his favorite cup of green tea as he ruminates over typography and the latest trends in fashion.

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